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Rehabilitation of Existing Hanif Shaheed Park

The Hanif Shaheed Park is surrounded by houses and provides recreational facility to the local residents. The community don’t have any other park in the vicinity, which serves Manzoor Colony and Junejo town, which are along the Shaheed Millat Road, in addition to that this park also is used as football ground by the community Considering no recreational facility near area, DMC East proposed to rehabilitate Hanif Shaheed Park to enhance healthy environment for the residents, especially for the children and women of the area.

Environmental & Social Screening Report

Rehabilitation/Improvement of Lal Sport Football Stadium, Shanti Nagar, UC-23

The Lal Sport Football Stadium is located in a densely populated area surrounded by houses and provides a recreational facility to the local residents of Shanti Nagar, DMC (East), Karachi. It was previously known as “Dalmia Ground” due to the then Dalmia Cement Factory which existed in its close vicinity in the past. In this football ground, there is a huge space that will be improved and rehabilitated.

Environmental & Social Screening Report

Rehabilitation of Peripheral Road (Hanif Shaheed Park/Playground Road), UC-02, Jamshed Zone, District EAST, Karachi

The proposed scheme is the main access road for all the people living and doing business in the area. Due to lack of proper periodic repair and maintenance, the road is in a dilapidated condition and there is a need for rehabilitation of the existing road and provision of the necessary allied road infrastructure like road side furniture and utilities. The access to Hanif Shaheed Park is also through this peripheral road. The road is connected to Jinnah Road, a collector road of Manzoor Colony, which that joins with the main arterial, Shaheed Millat Road. Therefore, its rehabilitation will improve the accessibility and connectivity of the local community not only to Hanif Shaheed Park/playground but also with the other areas.

Environmental & Social Management Plan
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