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01. Rehabilitation of existing lights into LED lights along Mai Kolachi Road

The Mai Kolachi Road is a main arterial road of Karachi and was illuminated with street lights. However, due to lack of maintenance, stealing of cables and accessories and some road accidents this main arterial road is present without proper street illumination. The lights, which were previously installed (having high watts power from 1000 watts to 4000 watts), consume very high power. Being located near the sea-side, the electric poles and their arms also get rusted if not repainted frequently.

Considering the law-and-order situation and to provide illumination to the daily road commuter, the KMC is planning to rehabilitate the streetlights by providing LED lights, overhead cables, painting of poles and other accessories.

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02. Replacement of Damaged / Broken Expansion Joints with Mono Block Joints
And Provision/Installation of Gratings of Composite Fiber Material
At Various Flyovers and Underpasses in Karachi

During the years 2000 to 2011, in order to ease the traffic inside the city and to minimize the travelling time, various flyovers and underpasses were constructed in the city of Karachi. With the passage of time, the expansion joints provided on various flyovers have broken down or are damaged badly, rendering them unserviceable. The steel gratings provided at drainage channels at underpasses have been stolen at various places resulting in traffic hazards and discomfort to road users along with traffic congestion at bridges and underpasses.

To maintain the traffic flow and to provide comfort to the users, the KMC is planning to replace the broken/damaged expansion joints with mono block joints and installation of gratings (composite fiber material offering no room for stealing) at under passes.

Tentative cost of the sub project is around PKR.100.00 million.

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03. Rehabilitation of existing Fish Aquarium at Bin Qasim Park.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation “KMC” constructed the Clifton Fish aquarium in 1965 in collaboration with Japanese experts. The aquarium had 33 seawater exhibition tanks where sea-based fish were kept, and 14 freshwater tanks exhibiting fish that live in fresh water. Aquarium was closed in 1998 due to deterioration in its structural members.

In old days, the Fish Aquarium (local name Machli Ghar) at Clifton beach was an important place of recreation and amusement for the residents of Karachi, especially for children. It was among the main revenue generation sources of KMC. During last few years, this fish aquarium has had no maintenance and up gradation due to non-availability of funds. The building is showing different types of distresses, cracks and rusted steel. As per Environmental Management Framework KMC will be responsible for the Operation and maintenance of the scheme and it will be addressed by KMC annual recreational schemes O&M budget.

In view of the poor condition of the Clifton Fish Aquarium, the KMC is planning to rehabilitate the Fish Aquarium under CLICK Project. its rehabilitation will attract the people of Karachi and will provide good recreational place for the citizen especially the children. The main objective of this sub-project is to improve urban management, service delivery, and the business environment in Karachi. The KMC has decided to place this Aquarium in the first phase of this Project.

This project will provide a source of entertainment for the visitors and to save the precious land mark of Karachi, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is planning to rehabilitate the existing Fish Aquarium at Bin Qasim Park Aquarium as it used to be an iconic recreational facility for Karachi and located within the premises of Karachi’s largest park which extends over an area of 130 acres approximately. The KMC along with civil society members is exploring possibilities for the revival of this facility. This would also spur interest in visiting the newly developed Bin Qasim Park. The fish aquarium will cater to the whole of Karachi, irrespective of the age and income differential brackets. Only locally found fish species will be housed in this fish aquarium which can be easily taken care of their living environment.

Tentative cost of the sub project Fish Aquarium at Bin Qasim Park is around PKR: 80.00 million.

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04. Construction and Rehabilitation of Badminton Court at Agha Khan Park

The Agha Khan Park is surrounded by houses and provides a sort of recreational facility to the local residents. In this park, a small open space is available, which can be used for a badminton courtyard. As for females, considering religious values, some closed and separate space is required for sports activities. To achieve this goal, in this phase KMC is planning to construct a badminton court for women.

As per tentative estimation the cost of proposed of sub project Badminton Court at Agha khan Park is approximately 15.00 million PKR.

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05. Rehabilitation of Existing Road from Machli Chowk to KANUPP (5.9 km)

in District Keamari of Karachi, under the COVID-19 Emergency Grant of Component-1. The proposed subproject is the main arterial road of access to all residential community living around the road and the KANUPP. Although this access road is divided into two carriageways, the central island is missing in a small wider section towards the end of the road. In addition to that due to lack of repair and maintenance, there is a need for rehabilitation of the existing road and provision of the necessary road furniture and utilities.

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