Vision, Mission & Objectives



“To improve Urban Management, Service Delivery & the Business Environment in Karachi”


CLICK Project includes a set of investments for institutional and policy reforms, and capacity building to improve service provision and address urban infrastructure, deficiencies and institutional constraints to Karachi’s urban development. The Project seeks to address challenges affecting Karachi’s performance in urban management and provision of social infrastructure and basic services. The Local Councils (LCs) of Karachi, namely KMC, DMCs and District Council, have limited financial management capacity over major sources of revenue to finance critical infrastructure. The World Bank (WB) provides annual performance-based grants to Karachi LCs upon achievement of specified institutional strengthening measures decided under the umbrella of CLICK. LCs will use these grants to implement subprojects for provision of local-level infrastructure and municipal services within their respective mandates, such as drainage works, local roads, parks, and urban roads among others. In addition, these funds will be used for supply-side capacity building interventions for LCs in areas of financial management, project implementation, social and environmental management and to enhance metropolitan coordination between the LCs. To assist LCs in achieving the institutional strengthening measures, and to manage and implement the performance grants system, the CLICK project also provides centralized capacity building and implementation and management support through the Local Government Department (LGD) of the Government of Sindh (GoS).

Project Development Objectives

CLICK Project will seek to address some of the identified critical constraints in Karachi to improve its livability and competitiveness. It will do so through the following objectives:

  • Improving institutional capacity and performance of Karachi LCs and selected agencies such as SSWMB;
  • Optimizing allocation of scarce public resources by fostering greater private investment in city infrastructure and services;
  • Improving the business and investment environment for private sector;
  • municipal service delivery in an integrated way involving key institutions
  • Setting the base for sustainable city financing.

Activities under the project will help put the city on a long-term path towards achieving adequate service provision and a competitive business environment.

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